Diagonal composition in 10 measures and 6 colours
Rhythmic composition in 5 parts and 5 colours
Cadence in red
Rhythmic structure in 4 parts and four colours
Harmonic rhythm in yellows
Random composition in 6 measures and 6 colours
Composition in primary, secondary and complimentary hues
Four-part rotation on blue
Square composition in 6 colours
Harmonic rhythm in reds
Composition in 8 parts and 4 colours
Composition in 4 parts, 4 colours and earth tones
Horizontal cycle in yellow, orange and grey
Composition in four parts and four colours
Composition with four accents and four colours
Progression in four parts and four colours
Four-part progression on red
Random and deliberate variations on ten measures and six colour fields
Composition in red and blue in twelve positions on two yellows
Horizontal and vertical pulse in two colours on blue
Improvisation on ten dimensions and six colour fields
Construction in four positions and six colours on grey
Composition in six colours and three positions on blue
Composition in four base colours and four accents - for Marilyn
Seven random bars on black with blues and pinks
White levels
Throughout my design career I have continued to paint and draw – mostly landscapes done on the spot. In recent years I have turned to abstract compositions which have been influenced by my interest in music and in the works of modern composers, including, Adams, Reich, Torke, Ligeti and Xenakis. These composers use the minimalist techniques of subtly shifting repeated patterns, complex rhythms and rich textures and I use a similar approach to composition in my paintings. I have long been interested in the similarities between music and the visual arts. Composers and visual artists talk about their works being either abstract or illustrative. Musicians have a chromatic scale; painters have a colour wheel. The terms: colour, tone, shade, texture, pattern, harmony are applied equally to musical and visual works. And, common terms are used to describe musical and visual styles and methods of composition: impressionism, expressionism, pointillism, collage and, of course, minimalism. Here you will find a selection of my recent compositions.

John David Lloyd: